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ERA3 series 3/4 Wing Revolving Door

ERA3 series 3/4 Wing Revolving Door

Product Details

ENTRANCE SOLUTION’s superior designs for revolving doors provide an imposing entrance to any building, while serving as an airlock as well, to minimize a building’s heating and air conditioning losses, therefore maximizing energy savings. 3/4 wing revolving door is one of our best selling models are not only elegant but also economical and practical. 

Safety functions:

1. Special drum wall load-bearing Structure . ENTRANCE SOLUTION revolving door use exclusive drum wall load-bearing structure, which allow the door have better stability, especially when comparing the doors with pillar-bearing structure.

2. Vertical /horizontal safety switch . All the ENTRANCE SOLUTION automatic revolving door could assemble vertical and horizontal safety rubber, which is sensitive enough to keep people safe .

3. Anti-squeeze function. All the ENTRANCE SOLUTION automatic revolving door assemble the anti-squeeze sensor in the canopy, which keep people safe from squeezing of the door wings .

4. Anti-strike function.There are detective radars in the canopy of the revolving door, when people approached, the speed of the door wings will turn slowly, keep people safe from striking .

5. Force-sensitive Control. If the resistance of ENTRANCE SOLUTION revolving door wings encounter exceeds a preset value, the door will stop.

6. Torque Control. When the distance between the moving door wing and the fixed one is less than a certain space, the drive power output from the motor will reduce to a safe level, so that the pedestrian will not be hurt even if all the sensors of the revolving door are breakdown.

7. Panic breakout system. All the wings of ENTRANCE SOLUTION revolving door could be folded in one, which make the passage way wide enough for people to pass. 

8. Handicap button. This button is used to control the speed of the revolving door and slow it down for the safety of younger, older and disabled passersby.

9. Night Security Door. Make ENTRANCE SOLUTION revolving door close in the night, which provides extra protection to the building.

Operation features:

1. Continuous working mode

2. Go/Stop working mode

3. Remote control function

Technical Data:

Power supply : 220VAC±10%,50HZ

Rated current :12VAC,50HZ

Rated power : 600W

Down lights : 400W

High speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 1-4r.p.m.

Low speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 0.5-1.5 r.p.m.

Ambient temperature : -30 - 45 degree

Max relative humidity : 90%.

Total weight :  <1000Kg

Operating noise : <= 60db (A)


Inner Dia(D)1800mm2100mm2400mm2700mm3000mm3600mm
Outer Dia (DT)1880mm2180mm2480mm2780mm3080mm3680mm
Clear height2300mm2300mm2300mm2300mm2300mm2300mm
Canopy height300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm
Total height2600mm2600mm2600mm2600mm2600mm2600mm

Key Components:

1. Main control unit : SIEMENS from Germany

2. Operation program software : ENTRANCE SOLUTION

3. Transducer :  SIEMENS

4. Drive unit :  SIEMENS

5. Gear box : Sewdrive 

6. Deceleration belt :  CONTITECH

7. Spot light : PHILIPS from Netherlands

8. Detection radar : Infrared, BEA from Belgium 

9. High precision speed /position radar : HENGSTLER

10. Emergency stop button : ENTRANCE SOLUTION

11. Handicap button : ENTRANCE SOLUTION

12. Curved glass : YAOPI, security laminated glass

13. Planar glass: YAOPI, security laminated glass

14. Aluminium frame profile : JIHUA