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Commercial Balanced Door

Commercial Balanced Door

Product Details

Manual swing doors are commonly used as entrance for buildings in the past decades. Although manual swing doors are good choices, they also have two obstacles which are hard to get resolved:

1. Hard to open huge manual swing doors

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for higher and wider doors, but the up limit for floor spring is about 200Kgs. This limit makes it impossible to offer larger entrance design with manual swing door. At the same time, if adopt heavy-duty floor spring; the users need push hardly to open the door. It causes inconvenience for the aged and children.

2. Indoor/outdoor pressure difference

Both the indoor air conditioning system and the outdoor environment will cause pressure to the door; the pressure are different between indoor and outdoor becomes the resistance of opening the door. 

With years of innovation and design, KBB takes the lead of offering “balanced door system”. The new innovation solve the above two problems at one time:The limit of door weight could be up to 1600Kgs; and the structure of balanced door solves the pressure difference problem. 

Principle of wind pressure 

With the popularization of interior air conditioning, there is always a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. The temperature difference will cause large wind resistance while opening the traditional floor spring door or swing door. 

Features of center hanger:

The new product replaced floor spring 

Applicable to variety door types, fireproof door, exit door, escape door etc.

Close speed and open strength are adjustable

Sliding bottom, easy for installation

Strong load capacity, Up to 1600Kgs

Avaliable door sizes for balanced door with center hanger

Avaliable Size(mm)Available Door weight(KG)Open Strength(N)InstallationMaximum opening angle
800mm50Kgs6.9Nconcealed180 Degree left/right folding