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Will the automatic door open the door for the dogs?

Oct 21,2017

With the continuous progress of science and technology, automatic doors not only convenient for us, but also for the dogs automatically open the door, what is the reason for it?

automatic doors factory

Today, many new technologies are applied to automatic doors. Automatic doors want to achieve the work of opening and closing and detect the movement of the door or close the door. In fact, the automatic door installed the induction device, it is not directly controlled by the people, but automatically access the passer close to the signal by the infrared sensor.

The sensor is a sensing device that can sense the information to be measured and transmitted the detected information in electrical signals or other forms, which is the first part of automatic detection and control.

When the sensor detects a certain infrared, it will produce an electrical signal to determine whether there are objects around the surrounding. The sensor opens the control signal as an automatic door, opens the door through the drive system, and automatically closes the automatic door when the operator leaves. The automatic door is a system that can control the process of opening and closing.

Therefore, the installation of the automatic door sensor even if it is detected by the dogs, it will also send a signal to inform the control system to open the door.

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