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ETH series Full Height Turnstiles

ETH series Full Height Turnstiles

Product Details

Full height turnstiles offer the ultimate in unmanned perimeter security and are available in several versions. Hollow section and solid stainless steel bars are used for the rotor arms and are arranged in a Y shape (three bar turnstile) or cross shape (cross turnstile) that rotate on a fixed central axis.

According to the requirements on site, passages can be divided into single, double, triple and quadruple versions. All full height turnstiles can be configured for single or bi-directional traffic flow.

Full height turnstiles offer exceptional high security and are often used in unmanned locations.

Their stainless steel construction allows use in indoor and outdoor locations, and they can be combined with various control systems. An option for canopy lighting is available on request, as well as mounting panels to allow the use of access control

systems and intercoms.

Structural Data

Machine material : 304 stainless steel

Machine size : 1500×280×990(mm)

Steel thickness : 1.5mm

Surface treatment  : Brushed/Polished

Obstacle material : Plexiglass

Passage width : 550 ~ 1000mm

Technical Data

Power voltage : AC220V /AC85 ~ 230V

Working voltage : DC24V

Start power requirement : 210W

Working power requirement : 36W

Standby power requirement  : 17W

Mechanical module :[Based on German technology]  long lasting module

Drive motor : DC brushless motor

Communication interface : 1 route RS485 / 3 route RS232 / LAN network and Ethernet(optional)