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ADA Swing Door Operators

ADA Swing Door Operators

Product Details

ADA (Americans with Disabilities ACT) Swing Door Operator is one of Entrance Solution’s best selling products. They adhere to the same high standards as Entrance Solution’s most popular automatic doors such as the automatic sliding door, the 2/3/4 wing revolving door, the all glass revolving door , the turnstiles and many more great doors.

 With the beginning of 2016, we have updated the functionality of our operator design to include a special spring design, which makes our operators much safer compared with our previous versions, and also meet the CE EN16005 standards perfectly.


Left Hand & Right Hand Interchangeable:
Our swing door operators are interchangeable for both a right hand and left hand swinging door. The Technician in the field only needs to set a parameter. This saves you on stocking multiple operators with multiple handing’s.

Collision Detection:
When an obstruction blocks the door’s opening, the door stops immediately. The Drive System tries to get to the open position during the buffering period. When the buffering period is finished, the door closes. When the door opens the very next time, it moves slowly to the previously blocked position to avoid collision. 

One-Key Recovery:
If there are any issues with the functionality of the operator, the door technician can set all the parameters for you with One-Key Recovery.

Multi-function Interfaces:
Entrance Solution’s swing door operator can be connected with almost all types of control systems, including fire alarm systems and theft alarm systems.

Close Automatically with the Help of a Spring:
Entrance Solution’s updated swing door operators have been designed to close without electrical power. The operator acts as a manual operator if power is lost allowing the user to easily open and close the door by hand. The door closes using the energy stored in the spring, with the motion damped by the motor acting as a generator.

Security Features Updated:
Besides the added feature that Entrance Solution’s operators can close automatically with the help of spring, other features include; anti-strike, and our anti-squeeze functions were also updated, which makes our operator meet the CE EN16005 standard perfectly.

All of the Entrance Solution’s swing door Operators have already passed strict testing for trouble free operation with well over 2,000,000 cycles and still going. Our products had already received prestigious certifications from, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, GOST, TGA, UKAS etc.