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ES2 series Automatic Sliding Door

ES2 series Automatic Sliding Door

Product Details

Sliding door is one of Entrance Solution’s best selling automatic doors, at least 10,000 units were installed in the hotels, airports, shopping malls, office buildings every year.

Safety Features:

1. The supporting rail of ENTRANCE SOLUTION automatic sliding door is made from aluminum alloy, and the thickness of the rail is even 5mm which is much thicker than the industry average 3 to 4mm. 

2. The motor of ENTRANCE SOLUTION automatic sliding door which is the heart of the drive unit is imported from Germany, work together with the supporting rail, our sliding door operator could assemble the door leaf with the weight even 150Kg.

3. Safety beam which installed on the fixed door leaf, make sliding door possess the anti-squeeze function.

4. Backup battery ensures the automatic sliding door could run normally for at least 30 minutes when power fails.

5. The electro-mechanical lock could ensure the automatic sliding door more safely when there is no person pass.

6. Panic breakout system. All of ENTRANCE SOLUTION sliding doors could assemble this function, when there is something urgent happened, the moving panel even the fixed panel of the sliding door can open at 90 degrees, make the “passage way” wide enough for the people to escape.

7. All the radar and sensors of ENTRANCE SOLUTION automatic sliding doors are BEA from Belgium or OPTEX from Japan, more sensitive, can keep us safe from squeezing and striking

8. The main control chip of ENTRANCE SOLUTION automatic sliding doors are made by Philips ,this 32-bit control chip can ensures higher processing speed.

Technical Data: 

1. Maximum Door Weight ( Single Parting ) : 1 × 150kg.

2. Maximum Door Weight ( Bi - Parting )  :  2 x 120 kg.

3. Opening Speed Range : 0.4 - 0.7m / s (adjustable).

4. Closing Speed Range : 0.3 - 0.6m / s (adjustable).

5. Keep Opening Time Adjustable Range : 5~10s (5s, Standard) . 

6. Power supply : 220VAC±10%,50HZ ,10A .

7. Rated power : 100W .

8. Max. drive power (static) : 150N .

9. UPS backup battery : 30min .

10. Ambient temperature : -30 – 50 degree .

11. Max. relative humidity : 90% . 

12. Protection level: IP23 .


Door width (DW)  : 2w+300mm

Opening width (W) : 800-3000mm

Opening height (H) :≤2600mm

Length of operator : 2500mm - 8000mm

Key Components:

1. Main control unit : Philips from Netherlands

2. Motor : Dunkermotoren from Germany

3. Radar : BEA (Belgium)/OPTEX(Japan)

4. Durable rail : Special nylon, durable, quiet and self-lubricated

5. PSA control Panel : 37 parameters could be set

6. Supporting rails : High strength, 5mm thickness