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ERS6 series Residential Sliding Door

ERS6 series Residential Sliding Door

Product Details

GI600 residential sliding door is another best selling residential door from Entrance Solution, which will make your life so much easier.

Technical Datas

Door dimension ----------------------------- 2100-2400 high x 720-1200mm width
Color ----------------------------------------  Black or White
Max opening width-------------------------- 920mm
Power supply input-------------------------- 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Power supply output------------------------- DC 15V, ≤2A
Overload protection(safety cutting )--------- Yes
Residential ----------------------------------- Yes
Commercial ---------------------------------- No
Operator dimension--------------------------- 1000mm x 71mm x 64mm
Automatic and manual------------------------ Yes
Push switch------------------------------------ Standard (2 pc)
Remote control ------------------------------- Optional
Key board switch------------------------------ Optional
Non-contact sensor switch-------------------- Optional
Initiative infrared sensor----------------------- Optional

Standard Components

1.  Operator
2.  Cover
3.  For the courtyard door, toothed belt and supporting rail-------long and short   2 pcs
4.  For pocket door (one of built-in door ), toothed belt and supporting rail------long and short
5.  Belt supporting rail cover
6.  Toothed belt
7.  Supporting rail end cover
8.  Push switch (2 pc )
9.  Power supply package
10. Veclo test(door sliding smoothly test)
11. Relevant screws  
12. 1/8( 3.0mm)socket head wrench
13. Installation  DVD