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Choosing automatic door the details you need know

May 12,2017

Have you ever wondered somethings you need to pay attention when you buy an automatic revolving door?

automatic door

1. See hardware accessories

High-quality automatic doors will use high-quality hardware accessories, open and close when using, can withstand tens of thousands of times the switch without deformation damage to ensure that the door in a long time can be normal and safe operation.

2. See the product process

Professional manufacturers of modern machinery and equipment, after processing the door will be completed after the automatic door firm; in addition to the use of advanced control system to ensure product stability and reliability.

3. Look finishes

The finish is composed of two parts, one is the material, it determines the background and texture of the automatic door; the second is the package decoration, the quality and craftsmanship of the package determines the quality of the automatic door, the quality of the package material and advanced spraying, Oxidation, stainless steel package process can ensure that every frame automatic doors are color uniform, clear texture.