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How to choose automatic revolving door?

May 10,2017

There are many automatic revolving doors in our vision. Do you know the choice of revolving door?

Choose from architectural and door style

Architectural style is an important reference when choosing a revolving door. For example, the external walls of the building to the main glass curtain wall, then we choose a strong transparent crystal revolving door.

Automatic Revolving Door

Choose according to the size of the traffic

In short, the 2 wing revolving door is more suitable for large shopping malls, exhibition centers and other places where traffic flow larger.

Automatic Revolving Door

Combined with the overall tone of the building itself to choose

This is also the choice of revolving door need to pay attention to the point. For example: for the government, enterprises and institutions, they will choose copper-decorated revolving door-based.

Automatic Revolving Door