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3 advantages of telescopic sliding door

May 17,2017

There are many telescopic sliding doors in work-space or aisle. Do you know its advantages?

Telescopic Sliding Door

1. Little noise

Telescopic sliding door uses mute rails, high-frequency PWM drive design, synthetic rubber timing belt and other technical measures to make the door of the acceleration, operation, start more stable and quiet. The minimum noise to 49db the following.

2. Self-test function

The telescopic sliding door can automatically calculate the relevant parameters when it is turned on and calculate the optimal opening / closing speed, acceleration / deceleration time and low speed distance according to these parameters to ensure the operation of the door is always in the best condition.

3. anti-folder force sensitive function

I feel that this is really a super-praise function. In the automatic door body encounter a certain resistance (resistance value can be set), the door will automatically reverse run, and re-run to the point before the slowdown test run until the door closed normally. This feature will be able to maximize the safety of pedestrians.