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Automatic Partition - The new product from Entrance Solution

Jul 21,2016

Entrance Solution just launched a new type of automatic door called Automatic Partition.

One of the biggest feature of Automatic Partition is the big size, it could almost meet any of your request about the big size, including the big width as well as the big height. For example, 6000mm width and 3000mm height maybe bigger for an entrance area, however it's just the normal size to Entrance Solution's Automatic Partition, we can even provide the partition with the double size easily, which couldn't provided at all by other type of doors like sliding door, revolving door, swing door.

The other feature of Automatic Partition is that it occupies the minimum space, with the help of this feature, the Automatic Partition could provide maximum opening width, which could make the larger object like a truck pass through the entrance area easily .

Because of the features above, our Automatic Partitions were widely used for the showroom of cars, the exhibition hall, the airport hall, the bus station hall etc..

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