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ATM Securiy Door from Entrance Solution

Jul 13,2016

Social injustice, widening gap between rich and poor as well as the rising unemployment rate, which made the crime rate of street robbery constantly soaring, one of them is the robbery when people make money deposit through ATM. According to our market survey, there are at least 180 robbery events for money withdrawing through ATM in Canada every year, the number is 193 in Russia, 292 in Brazil (only in Sao Paulo, the number even up to 175), the record was from Mexico, 523 in one year, and you can imagine how many people was injured or even dead .

As our social responsibility, also based on Entrance Solution over 20 years' automatic door experience, as well as the most advanced door producing and security &protection technology from Europe, America and Japan, Entrance Solution ATM security door with the model EC3 exclusively developed with the time required, which will protect you better when you make the Money Depositing and Withdrawing .

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