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How to buy an automatic door?

Jul 03,2017

According to the environment and requirements of installing automatic doors, you should choose the automatic door configuration.

office building automatic door

1. the choice of sensors: for high-end hotels, office buildings, you can choose high-sensitivity sensors; in the sidewalk on the edge of the banks, shops and other places often pass by, select the narrow area of the sensor.

2. security aids: in the high-end hotels and other places need to put an end to the automatic door clip event, you can choose to install anti-folder infrared sensor.

3. the installation of doors and systems and electric locks: self-service banks to install automatic doors, you can increase the installation of self-service banking access control system, the installation of electric locks, in order to achieve access control.

4. equipped with backup power: to ensure that the automatic doors when the power can also work properly, you can equipped with the back clerk.

After knowing these consideration, you must can buy a suitable automatic door, whether office building automatic dooror electronic automatic door.