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What are the advantages of the revolving door?

May 03,2017

With the development of automatic revolving door, there are many office building revolving doors in street. Here I will tell you 5 advantages of revolving door as followings:

automatic revolving door

1. Clean working environment: automatic revolving door at any time to keep the indoor space in a closed state, outdoor car exhaust, dust and noise are cut off the outside, while other type door not.

2. Energy conservation: why the revolving door in the world's major hotels are widely used, one of the most important reason is to save the increasingly scarce energy.

3. Durable: the main revolving door of the hotel, the wheel of the auxiliary wheel made of special synthetic materials, together with the steel track, composed of low noise never wear the transmission parts.

automatic revolving door

4. The appearance of luxury: the office building revolving door overall design of the advanced, can make the revolving door relative to the diameter of the rotating shaft has the largest space; the door set aside two dynamic display area, is to do the ideal display and advertising rotation position.

5. Large circulation area: structural design broke through the automatic revolving door of the traditional model, each turn through 30 to 52 people. Not only can make the wheelchair free access, when the middle of the security door open, handling large objects or cars are also very convenient.