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HSC Women's Hospital in Canada

Jul 05,2016

HSC Women's Hospital is one of the most famous hospitals in Canada .

In the year 2015, 1 unit of Entrance Solution's 2 wing automatic revolving door was installed in HSC Women's Hospital, with the diameter about 5000mm, the total height about 3000mm, anodizing surface treatment.

2 wing automatic revolving door is one of the best selling automatic doors from Entrance Solution, the biggest feature of them is 3 in 1 function , that's "sliding door + revolving door + balanced door" . What's more, more than 30 units of security devices including the sensor, photocell, safety switch, force-sensitive door leaf etc. were assembled in this model, which make them become the safest automatic doors in the industry .

2 wing automatic revolving door all glass revolving door