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One new type of crystal revolving door was launched by Entrance Solution

Apr 20,2016

With the new adoption of up-to-date designs and technologies, Entrance Solution recently present the new type of automatic crystal door-KA071A, which is the updated edition for KA071.

The difference between KA071 and KA071A is showed as follow:

1. To satisfy our customer's demand of bigger diameter 3200mm、3600mm and even more, KA071A specially increased the design of central axis and upper beam, which could keep the stability of door body effectively.

2. KA071A put to use the broader frame profile, which the width reached 80mm and thickness reached 30mm. Based above structure, KA071A could choose the function of panic breakout and manual/automatic activation, which can provide various reference to our customers.

3. The standard canopy height is adjust to 75mm which compare with KA071.

4. For load bearing, KA071 has mainly loaded by glass of door wing and drum wall, in addition, KA071A has mainly loaded by central axis、frame profile and glass, which can satisfy customer’s various demand.

turnstile  crystal revolving door