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The Revolving Door with Pillar Load-bearing Structure

Mar 25,2016

To the revolving doors, there are 2 typical structures including Pillar load-bearing structure and drum wall load-bearing structure. Drum wall load-bearing  structure is steady and looks magnificent, pillar load-bearing structure is economical and looks elegant. In order to meet the increasingly severe competition situation in the automatic door market, Entrance Solution just launched revolving door with the model BE, which gathered all the advantages of pillar load-bearing structure, such as the low cost, simple process, easy installation and elegant appearance, it also bring our clients the crazy price, at least 20% lower compared with the door used drum wall load-bearing structure .

Entrance Solution’s BE series revolving doors includes 2 wing, 3 wing and 4 wing type, both manual and automatic type .

What's more, the BE model used new type of aluminum profile which is much stronger, and could make the size of the door up to a new level with the diameter 5400mm and the height 4000mm. 

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